Poorly Family in Devon

Sorry I haven’t been able to post for a few days unfortunately there has been a little bit of sickness going around the MyFamilyinDevon household.

It all started on Monday with my middle son who decided to throw up at about 7 in the evening. We kept him off school for Tuesday and then unfortunately my eldest caught the same bug and decided to throw up on Tuesday and stayed off school on Wednesday.
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Family Summer Holiday 2014 – Gran Canaria

As I’ve said previously, this year we are off on a family holiday to Gran Canaria!

Unlike other years when we’ve gone to France we are heading off to Gran Canaria with some friends and their child.

Our kids have never flown before so we are hoping that they really enjoy the experience. They are all really looking forward to getting on board a plane and flying off into the sky. Since telling them we’re going on a plane, nearly every time they see one they look up in amazement.

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Our Family Holiday 2013 – Camping in France

Our usual family holiday each year consists of going camping in France.

This year we are going to Gran Canaria which I will write something on shortly however we will miss going to France and I wanted to tell you all why we love it so much.

In 2013 we took our three boys to the Vendee and to a campsite we haven’t been to before. The campsite was Le Clary Plage and it’s located near to St Jean de Monts on the west coast of France.

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