My Family Part One!

Well, seeing as most people love animals I thought I’d start with telling you about them.

First is our eldest cat of the three, Max!

Max the cat
Max the cat when he was young!

He’s a truly lovable cat who likes nothing better than sitting on your lap (or head at night). Always happy to rub his head on any part of you he can, Max is the perfect friend.

Max was unfortunate to lose his best friend and sister when he was a kitten.

Max and Ruby
Max and Ruby

This photo is of Max and his sister Ruby (yes they were named by the children after the rabbit cartoon characters Max and Ruby).

They came from Gables Farm rescue centre in Plymouth. I would always recommend re-homing cats and kittens rather than buying them from a breeder as there are so many lovely cats who desperately need a loving home.

Unfortunately Ruby was involved in a road traffic collision which resulted in her death. A very sad time for all of us, we found out after the vet contacted us as we had her chipped when she was young. Ruby had gone out one day and failed to return and the dreaded vets phone call came through later that day telling us she had died.

Max spent several weeks looking and pining for his sister and although he now has two brothers it does cross my mind from time to time as to whether he still thinks about her.

He is, however a very cheeky chappy and very, very lovable as you can see from this photo.

Max sitting down




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