My Family Part Two!

Here we have the second member of our family and yes it’s another cat!

Burt the cat
Burt the cat

This is one of two brothers that we re-homed from Gables Farm again called Burt.

Now we never meant to get another two cats, it was our intention just to have a look and to maybe get one more cat to keep Max company but when we went to Gables Farm we felt we had no option but to take two with us.

We arrived at the centre and started to have a look around. There were many wonderful cats there waiting for a family to take them home and we came across Burt’s brother who we called eventually called Indy.

Now Indy is a long haired cat and very affectionate however when we were told the following story by staff, well you can see how we had not option.

Burt has a funny eye! He was born with a slight defect which meant that his one of his eyes didn’t quite form properly and as a result he looks (or doesn’t as the case may be) a little funny.


burt the cat
Burt the one eyed cat

Now staff told us that they wanted to re-home Burt and Indy together but that lot’s of people didn’t want to take Burt due to his eye and the fact he was less attractive.

Well as you can see from the photo, Burt is a very hansom cat and in fact his eye makes him, in my opinion, very special indeed.

How could we take one and not the other. This is how we ended up with three cats and I am so pleased we did.

Now although Burt is friendly and loving he is the most prolific animal killer i have ever seen. Mice, birds, shrews and many more types of animals have been killed (and eaten) by this one eyed wonder. I honestly don’t know how he does it.

I have never known a cat catch, kill and eat a pigeon and whats more amazing is that he has even caught and eaten a squirrel.

Now i know that it might seem a little horrible that a cat has eaten a squirrel but you have to be a little proud and amazed that a one eyed cat can catch such a vicious and quick animal.


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