So Who Are We

You may be wondering who we are, well there’s Devon Dad (me) a 40 year old, Devon Mummy (can’t tell you how old she is without the fear of being hit) and the three Devon Boys (currently aged 10 going on 14, 5 and 4).

Oh we also have 3 cats, a dog and a hamster.

Over the coming weeks you’ll meet us all a bit closer as I tell you more about each member of the family, and yes you’ll be please to know that I will also include the pets.

Where do we live? Yes i will also go into that in a bit more depth but we live in Devon near to Dartmoor!

What do we do? Well I will also tell you more about our wonderful (Please note the sarcasm) jobs!

Please feel free to comment on my blog and have a chat!


2 thoughts on “So Who Are We”

    1. Thanks, the cats and dog are easy to write about, there is so much to write about my three wonderful boys it was difficult to know where to start to be honest!


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