Meet the Kids – Part One

This is my eldest who’s 10! He’s a very clever boy and I’m very proud of him although I probably don’t tell him enough.

nikon 314

He was premature, born just before Christmas and spent the first few weeks of his life in the local hospital.

It was very hard at first as we’d only just moved into our new house and I’d ripped the kitchen out a few days before and DevonMum had to stay in hospital with him for some time.

With no kitchen I was rushing backwards and forwards from hospital whilst trying desperately with my father to fit a new kitchen for when they returned home.

nikon 281

A very affectionate, friendly and special boy, he is very loving although he does seem to see things in black and white and can’t understand why other kids at school break the rules.


He is a StarWars fanatic and has so much lego I sometimes can’t see his bedroom floor.

You’ll learn more about him and his ways as I write this blog!



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