Meet the Kids – Part Two!

Here’s my middle son!


A very cheeky chappy he is a proper lad through and through. He’s been a school for a year now and he’s never come home with a clean t-shirt, not even once.

Always ready to kick the football round he is a true sporty kid. His favourite football player is Messi and on a recent trip to Spain DevonMum and I bought him a Barcelona kit with Messi on it.


He’s the one that I find hardest to tell off. Just  when you’re in the middle of it he gives you a cheeky grin and that’s it he’s got you.


He loves his brothers very much and is the only who often wants a cuddle when he’s tired.

We have a great mix of kids, all very different in their own way, each very clever, funny and they’re all mine. God knows how I    produced them though:)





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