A short family surprise break!

My job means I have to do shift work which means that family time often suffers so last month I thought I’d surprise the kids by organising a special break.

I told DevonMum what I was planning and then set about putting it into action.

My first stop was late rooms to find a hotel that could accommodate us all.

The search led me to the Copid Beech Hotel!

Then it was onto booking the trip itself.

We told the kids we were going away but didn’t tell them where. Now those that know of the hotel I booked will know that it’s very close to Legoland Windsor which was our destination.


I found that using Tesco vouchers was the best and cheapest way to book and so used up the lot.

All three of our boys love Lego and the best thing of all is that they have a Star Wars Lego display which is my eldests favourite.


It came to the day of leaving and they were still unaware of our destination.

We picked them up from school got them changed and set off on the 4 hour journey to the hotel.

About 1 mile from home we told them where we were going and the car erupted in cheers!!

The journey up was good with little traffic. The hotel was also superb, staff were friendly and the room was very good. We only paid £99 for the night and that included breakfast!

Well the next morning after breakfast we headed off to LegoLand!

Well what a place! I can highly recommend a trip there. There’s lots to see and do and by the end if the day they were all shattered. We plan to take another trip there in the future as there’s lots we couldn’t see in a day. I would
Recommend at least two days there to anyone planning on going in the future as one day simply isn’t enough!


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