Our Family Holiday 2013 – Camping in France

Our usual family holiday each year consists of going camping in France.

This year we are going to Gran Canaria which I will write something on shortly however we will miss going to France and I wanted to tell you all why we love it so much.

In 2013 we took our three boys to the Vendee and to a campsite we haven’t been to before. The campsite was Le Clary Plage and it’s located near to St Jean de Monts on the west coast of France.

As the year progressed and we got closer to the holiday all three of our children (and us) started to get excited about what was to come.

We picked Le Clarys Plage due to it’s location and due to the quality of it’s facilities, in particular it’s fantastic swimming pool area.

We took the night ferry with Brittany Ferries across from Plymouth to Roscoff which was great as it meant that the kids went to sleep for the whole trip across the channel. When they woke on arrival, we set off on the journey down to the Vendee which was fairly quick and uneventful.

As soon as we arrived at the campsite I was pleased. The reception area was clean and tidy and you could see the pool complex from the entrance of the sight and I was very impressed.

The pool has a variety of slides for different aged children and are also suitable for a variety of abilities.

A lazy river also winds it’s way around the splash/water jet area which includes a wonderful dragon boat with a variety of water jets and activities.

The beach was fantastic and is located a short walk down the road. It’s long, sandy and had plenty of area to spread out.

The other great thing about the beach was the fact that there’s a car park next to it which is FREE. I’d like to say that we walked to the beach every day but unfortunately with 3 children and all the beach games they wanted to take I have to admit I was a little lazy and drove as it was free.

I spent a hugh amount of time on the beach as we made sure we went for either the morning or afternoon every other day. I built lot’s of sandcastles with the children and they especially enjoyed building a sand boat. The sand boat is a family favourite where you build a boat shaped sand sculpture which the kids then sit in and try to defend it against the tide.

They have hours of fun building the boat in the first place and then try to refill holes created in the side of the boat when the tide comes in.

If there’s one thing I’d do different if we went to this area again it would be that we would take our bikes with us.

The area of around Le Clarys Plage and St Jean de Monts is great for cycling. There are a myriad of cycle tracks running all around the area joining the smaller villages with the larger town. and I think that the kids would have loved to get out and explore the local area a little more if we could.

We all love going camping in France and although we are going somewhere new this year I am already planning where to go in France next year!


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