Coconut Number 1

Coconut Number 1!

You may be thinking that Coconut Number 1 is a strange title for a blog post!

Well those of you that have children young enough to watch CBeebies may well have some sort of clue.

Yes it’s the Zingzillas!

Once hated by son number three, he now can’t get enough of it. Every time it came on when he was younger he insisted that we turn it off. Since he has come to love music however, he wants to watch it all day when he’s home.

He knows many of the episodes off by heart and even uses some of bits from the program whilst playing.

Our fruit bowl appears to have been the main victim of his new obsession with the apples suffering especially. Coconut number one, two, three and more followed by the big zing as another apple gets dropped onto the floor!

His grandparents decided that it would be a good idea to buy him a coconut to use! He loves it very much as you can see in this photo and even takes it to their house every week when he goes to visit.


I have already today been forced to watch several episodes whilst he had his breakfast.

Thank you to the BBC for producing a great program that my child loves, however my fruit bowl (especially the apples) are not so grateful!


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