Attenborough Nature Reserve

Attenborough Nature Reserve Nottingham 2014

At last we’ve managed it. For some time we’ve been dying to take the kids on a trip to see our youngest’s godparents and my best friend and finally we managed to get the time.

A long journey from the southwest led us up to the city of Nottingham.

One of the great places we managed to visit whilst we were in Nottingham was the Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Attenborough Nature Reserve

Located only four miles to the west of the city centre, the nature reserve gives kids a great amount of space in which they can relax.

Attenborough Nature Reserve

The most impressive feature of the reserve is the large amount of geese and other water based birds who live there food is available to buy at the centre giving kids the unique experience of feeding the many birds that wait for you.

Attenborough Nature Reserve

These birds were especially funny and followed us around for some time, even though we’d run out of food.

If you’re heading to Nottingham and have a couple of hours spare we’d highly recommend a trip to the Attenborough Nature Reserve.


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