St Avit Loisirs

Where to go camping in France?

Well it’s that time of year again, when we start to look at where to go on holiday. After our trip to Gran Canaria last year we’ve decided to head back to our favourite type of holiday but are we are still unsure where to go camping in France this year.

There are plenty of campsites all throughout France and after having a chat with DevonMum and the three boys we’ve come up with some great ideas.

The three boys all said that they would love to go back to Le Clarys Plage in the Vendee which is where we went in 2013 with Eurocamp Holidays.

Le Clarys Plage

It really was a brilliant holiday, the weather was great with lots of sunshine and the campsite was absolutely fantastic with a nearby beach, a great playground and a fantastic swimming pool complex. You can read more about it in my post Our Family Holiday 2013 – Camping in France but lets just say it was one of the best campsites we’ve taken the kids too.

I really fancy going somewhere different as does DevonMum. Don’t get me wrong, when we find a great campsite it’s lovely to go back again but I really love exploring different regions, towns and places whilst I am on holiday.

After a bit of talking I have managed to convince the family to do a multi-campsite holiday. My plan is to travel to a campsite for a week or so that we’ve not been to before and then onwards to Le Clarys Plage for a further week where we know where everything is and most important of all we know the kids will love and enjoy their time.

Le Clarys Plage

Now the only problem is deciding which other campsite we want to visit. I have been to the south of France before and until my youngest is a little older, I don’t really want to have to travel too far south and so the two regions I’ve been looking at are the Loire and Dordogne. Now there’s plenty of choice in both regions when it comes to great campsites so it’s just a case of deciding which one.

My first choice would be Les Alicourts in the Loire. It’s got a fantastic swimming pool complex and also is right next to a lake so there would be plenty to keep all three kids busy and the campsite is located in a beautiful region of France.

Les Alicourts

My other choice is St Avit Loisirs in the Dordogne. Again a wonderful campsite with a great swimming pool complex and plenty of activities available.

St Avit Loisirs

The beauty with both campsites is the fact that neither one is located too far south and with a stay at Le Clarys Plage on the way back, they should make the perfect holiday location without a massive journey home at the end of an exhausting two weeks.

At the weekend i explained my ideas to my eldest son who was very impressed. He loved the fact we’d be visiting two different campsites as he thought it would be a great adventure for both him and his two brothers. Although the distance is a little further, after looking at both campsites he seemed quite impressed and i think the distance became less of an issue. When i told the other two, unsurprisingly all they wanted to do was see some photos and video of the swimming pool they would be visiting for the week! Everything else I had to say meant nothing at all to them!

We are still yet to decide which other campsite we’ll be staying at but as soon as we’ve decided we’ll let you know!


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