Summer Holiday Part 1 Le Clarys Plage

Well I know it’s been a long time since I posted and to be honest we’ve been up to a fair bit. Along with an Easter Break to Normandy we finally decided where to go for our summer holidays!

For our first week we decided to return to one of our favourites Le Clarys Plage in the Vendee and for the second week to Les Alicourts in the Loire.

Now we are currently still at Le Clarys Plage and due to head over to Les Alicourts in a few days but I thought I’d write this post whilst I had a little time spare.

We’ve had a really wonderful time here. We booked with Canvas Holidays again and they have been great but there have been a few changes at Le Clarys Plage since we were here last.

Firstly that used to be the playground is now some more wonderful seating for the fantastic pool complex which although was very good, did lack seating which the campsite have cleverly addressed.

The playground has been moved slight and now also includes two bouncy castles and a further playground area has been added a short distance away which boasts a great little assault course structure, football cage and zip line.

Although the the rest of the campsite is pretty much the same these small changes have had a substantial impact for the good.

We’ve had a wonderful week here with much of our time spent in the pool although we did manage to get down to the beach for an afternoon of playing in the sea and on the sand.

Watch this space for Les Alicourts in the near future!


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