Le Clarys Plage Swimming Pool – Go Pro

Just prior to visiting Le Clarys Plage campsite I decided to buy a GoPro.

Several of my friends had bought one and i fancied having a go to get some really good family video’s whilst on holiday instead of the boring old photos.

GoPro’s are waterproof which i though was perfect for the swimming pool and beach which is where we would be spending most of our time.

I was massively surprised by not only the quality of the recording but also the adaptability with a whole range of accessories including a float which meant i could give it to the children to use in the pool without the possibility of it getting lost.

I gave it on one day to our middle son to use on the slide but was massively surprised on watching it back as to how funny and vocal he was on the journey up the stairs.

I found it so funny i decided to post it here for your amusement!

Le Clarys Plage Vendee Swimming Pool from MyFamilyinDevon on Vimeo.


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