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Why i love Devon!

There’s one simple reason why i love living in Devon and that’s the vast range of weather and scenery.

This week i was in work, driving across Dartmoor between Tavistock and Okehampton when i felt compelled to stop and take a couple of photographs. Dartmoor in itself is a funny place. One minute it can be foggy, the next rainy and the next sunny.

On this day it was very cold yet sunny and as you can see from the photos, the scenery was absolutely stunning.

Devon – A truly beautiful county!!!!



Fernworthy Reservoir

Fernworthy Reservoir is located near to Chagford in Devon and was constructed between 1936 and 1942.

The reservoir is surrounded by forest and moorland and covers approximately 37 hectares. At it’s deepest point, when full, the reservoir is around 64ft deep and holds somewhere in the region of 380 million gallons.

Fernworthy Old Bridge

During the building of Fernworthy Reservoir various buildings and structures became submerged beneath the waters including prehistoric hut circles , remains of farm walls, gate posts and the very impressive stone bridge and 400 year old clapper bridge which once stood of over the river.


When levels at the reservoir are very low these wonderful historic objects can be seen. The last time they were fully visable was in 2003, however due to low water levels at Fernworthy Reservoir this year we managed to get a couple of photos of both the bridges in all their glory.



Beautiful Dartmoor

Following on from my post What a difference a day makes, it certainly does when you live on Dartmoor!

No matter what the weather Dartmoor is always beautiful in my mind, just thought i’d upload a few photos of my wander with Stanley the dog this morning. It’s so bright and summery up on Dartmoor today you could be forgiven for thinking that summer was just around the corner and winter is far behind, however knowing Dartmoor as well as i do i’d suggest that a rainy day will be with us again sooner than i think.

In the meantime please enjoy!

What a difference a day makes!

What a difference a day makes – too true.

This wonderful song by Dinah Washington has to have been made for Dartmoor! I took Stanley dog out for a walk this morning and as soon as i got up onto the moors this song popped into my head. Yesterday morning was quite different, it was bright and sunny and yet today it is a completely different kettle of fish.

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Pew Tor – Devon

Pew Tor – Devon

Last week we decided to go for a little walk up on Pew Tor on Dartmoor, which is just a short distance from Tavistock in Devon.

There are plenty of great places to park and then there’s a short walk up to the top of the tor. The views of Tavistock and the rest of Dartmoor are superb, especially on a day like this where the sun was shinning.

As with lots of tor’s on Dartmoor, plenty of people have left letter box stamps hidden away in the cracks and crevasses. Our kids like nothing better than scurrying around looking in all the gaps to see if they can find a plastic tupperware box. Once they’ve found the box it’s time to have a look inside to see what stamp is there and what messages have been left in the book.

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and thoroughly recommended especially if the weathers good!

Another Day in Devon

It’s been a lovely day down here in Devon again today!

Glorious sunshine flooded through my windows when I woke this morning at 6am.

I got up and had a great drive to work in the beautiful sunshine.

Later on in the morning whilst out and about I got the chance to visit one of my favourite spots on Dartmoor being Fernworthy Reservoir near to Chagford. 



 It’s a beautiful spot where a large reservoir is surrounded by woodland.


 With no cloud or haze today I could see for miles in all directions. The road leading to the reservoir normally has a view of the National Trust property Castle Drogo although for the last year or so it’s been covered in white tarpaulins due to renovations.

If you’re looking for a tranquil place for a summers walk I can highly recommend it!