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Why i love Devon!

There’s one simple reason why i love living in Devon and that’s the vast range of weather and scenery.

This week i was in work, driving across Dartmoor between Tavistock and Okehampton when i felt compelled to stop and take a couple of photographs. Dartmoor in itself is a funny place. One minute it can be foggy, the next rainy and the next sunny.

On this day it was very cold yet sunny and as you can see from the photos, the scenery was absolutely stunning.

Devon – A truly beautiful county!!!!



It’s Been a While!

Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted anything but we have been quite busy!

Firstly my eldest started secondary school! Yes that’s right my eldest son now catches the bus everyday to the secondary school of his choice! He’s grown up so quickly but i am very proud of his achievements so far in life.

That was the main event for September but we’ve also been extremely busy decorating and to be honest i lost a little motivation in writing and blogging. i have had so much to keep me busy including work but now i am back.

Christmas was a little dodgy with our favourite pet Stan being ill. He decided to get a stomach upset, or so we thought, on Christmas Eve, which led to him being hospitalised for several days and subsequently costing us lots of money. He went back in again at the end of January and although we thought it may be to do with his age it turned out that his thyroid was completely shot to bits.

Stan however is now back to normal if not better than normal. He started taking thyroid medication and he is a completely different dog. It’s almost like he has reverted back to being a puppy, full of energy and bounce again. If you have a labrador yourself and you thing their age is catching up with them yours may have a similar problem as it’s extremely common.

Anyway, since that rigmarole we’ve been on holiday again! This time a short trip to Brittany to Domaine des Ormes campsite. There are plenty of posts to follow on this subject as we visited many great places during our trip.

We’ve also booked our family holiday for the summer which is another story.

Anyway my ramblings will return shortly!!!